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People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years.

Watch the powerful Verizon advertisement to really understand what a little girl hears when you tell her she’s pretty.













That means free access to Photoshop CS2 - and that already has most of what you could ask for, really.

All you have to do is create a FREE ADOBE ID.

I am not sure about commercial use, but MAN. FUCKIN’ SWEET DUDE

Reblogging for the greater good.

I’m unlikely to pick it up as I honestly never use PS anymore, but here everyone who follows me. Free stuff.

oh wow this is perfect i was just lamenting that i’d have to buy creative suite for my new laptop WELP

Signal boost for any of my followers who need art programs!

The cs2 programs date back only a few years, and still have much of the functionality of today’s more modern ones. The differences between most of the versions are little more than slight modifications or additions of minor features, and UI changes. Go for it guys!!

Also, in case the page is down, here are the download links + serials.


It still shocks (and mostly just disappoints) me how SHOCKED people are when I tell them that it is 100% legal to be fired simply for being gay.

They look at me like I’m lying and say things like "nooooo, that can’t be right?".

I have been fired twice (in Ohio) for being openly gay.

I have been asked:

  • to not wear my wedding ring
  • Not acknowledge my wife’s existence
  • To "just say you have a husband"
  • To just not answer “yes” when people ask if I’m married because "you’re not REALLY married"
  • To not bring my wife to the company FAMILY Christmas party
  • Let people just assume we’re sisters
  • Just make it easier on everyone and “just say you’re divorced”

These were not requests made from some Mom and Pop shop. I was a corporate executive for a large chain of high volume restaurants. My boss was the President of Human Resources, and she would walk into my office and say the most ignorant things you can possibly imagine.

People in America need to be educated on the reality that is life as a gay person in  this country.

It’s not all gay pride parades and appletinis. 

We need a leg to stand on.

We need people to wake up and educate themselves on the rights we are denied.

We need people…gay, straight, and in between, to open their eyes, stop ignoring what doesn’t directly effect them, and educate themselves.

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If you see something like this, DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR!

Call a beekeeper, they can relocate the hive instead of killing them. Bees are dying at an alarming rate, please do not contribute to that! They are so important for our ecosystem!

yo fuck this i aint gonna call no beekeeper i’m moving before i’m dead

I’m going to call an exterminator so the exterminator can kill them. I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that there are less bees in the world.

No bees = no food.

No food = no life.

Congratulations on destroying the world.

Because you seem to not understand that bees pollinate flowers and literally bees are the reason we have food.

i’m allowed to at least freak the fuck out before i decide on anything right?

Absolutely. Scream and flail and maybe climb up on/down under something, cry it out, maybe hyperventilate a little, then decide who to call.

Screaming and flailing are not actually reccomended, as that might agitate the bees which is the opposite of what you want to do.

Leave the house.

THEN scream and flail if you want.

While not in the house, use your cell phone to call information and ask for local apiaries. Crying on the phone might inspire someone to come quickly.

may I keep them? it looks so awesome and I am rooting for them to expand into the empty space. A bee window <3

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Video of the day: MUNDPROPAGANDA by GQ

Maybe you have never heard about those german celebrities, but they’re all straight and kissing each other for a campaign called “mundpropaganda” by the magazine GQ. Definitely a must watch :)


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